I Really Don't

It just bothers me.  Actually, all pet names bother me, especially from people who don't know me.  I'd rather be called "sir".  It's more respectful than "hun".

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Yeah it's ok slick I hate nick names 2

It is disrespectful, those who do it are just trying to be gentle and friendly but it is just so condescending to me. It's like saying "stupid". The people who refer to me this way know my name...and don't use it. A typical sentence is like this: "oh hun, that wasn't what happened" . STOP right there, rewind and just use my damn name. If you do not know me and are a cashier or waitress just keep it at "Do you need anything else?" Not "Hun, is everything ok?"

I don't either as it sounds so phoney when one who knows you a little bit says hey hon how ya doing.When i get mad at my son i say ok my sweetness go clean your room' and he knows when i use the hon' or darling i am pissed off to say the least. It beats saying MF and those type of words' right Hon..just kidding..sorry i had to say it for fun..lol

"Sir" is traditional. For women, it's hard, because "ma'am" can be considered offensive, "miss" can be incorrect if they are married. I just don't want to be called "hun". I'm a man, call me "Sir".

I don't understand this. Some people complain about sir or ma'am, some complain about honey or hon...would you rather have people call you a b!tch or some other derogatory thing.<br />
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Maybe they think they're being friendly!

No, it happens to me a lot. Especially from people in the south or cashiers.

LOL. When I first saw the story I automatically assume you're a woman. Sorry.<br />
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But I'm with you, it's annoying even when I know they call me hon or hun without any hidden intention.