Friend Is A Verb Not A Noun.

People are placed in our lives for a very specific reason.  Often we don't fully understand the purpose of that person's presence.  Ultimately, God has a way of supplying our needs and it is manifested through the contacts we make and the friendships we form.  The value of life increases each time I prove myself to be a friend......


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4 Responses Feb 8, 2010

Kudos Ennuye! I agree with you 100%. We certainly deserve respect and appreciation positive interactions. I can't change people but I can certainly decide whether or not to subject myself to negativity. Like you, I've decided to leave those negative people where they are.<br />
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Tekkamaki, I like the way you phrased it as well. Thanks for reading my thoughts.

I really like the way you worded that because it's true. It's ever growing, changing. It bonds, drifts, and always changes. I agree that the value of life does increase with acts of friendship. Absolutely! : )

Ennuye I lost my mother 2 years ago. There is no greater loss in life for me than that pain and the void I've felt. No one else can compare. No friendship comes close. The bond that was there cannot exist with any other human being. I can never be close to anyone as I was to my best friend (my mother). No one else will ever accept me as I am, no one will ever understand me the way she did. <br />
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For some reason I still keep reaching out. I still want to have meaningful relationships with people (special people). I'm very particular about who I deal with. I go for the gold. I understand.

I feel sorry for people that run away. Life is so precious. Those that choose to run away or hide from reality miss the joy life offers. I try to remember all of the lessons I've learned from the ugly situations.