A/C At Work

It is 62 degrees outside and the building still won't turn the A/C off.  Everyone is freezing.  This morning it was 30 degrees and I came into the building and the A/C was on full blast.  I think it's horrible they keep it on all year.  When I came back from lunch, it was colder in the hallways than it was outside.  

I don't like being cold 8-9 hours a day.  Someone turn the stupid thing off before I take a baseball bat and turn it off myself!

autotelic autotelic
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1 Response Oct 23, 2008

Here's another Ivory Tower experience. The maintenance crew does what the property management tells them. So they may not agree since they too are probably freezing along with you. The property management doesn't realize how uncomfortable you are since they probably only spend a few minutes every so often actually in the building. <br />
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I used to work at a bank that kept the A/C at 50 degrees. I had to wear winter clothes even when it was 90 degrees outside or I'd freeze.