Its Like A Split Personaloty When It Happens

i can enjoy being a little tipsy and a little bit drunk but when i start to drink some more i start to become something different. i start to become more different and get to a point that i feel like a completelt different person. usually when i am sober i tend to be quiet and i am careful and i am a very well mannered man and i am friendly and calm. but once i hit the alcohol i become a loud person. i start to behave wildly and start to say filthy things and i become more laidback and more sociable, i guess its a good thing but when i get even more drunk i get a bit too flirty and start to say too many dirty jokes. the other day i got drunk with my workmates and apparently i did alot of things to the point that i got kicked out of the club because of my behaviour. i guess i am not a voilent person but i do behave very immaturely. i also attempted to try and put my hands into a workmate's cleavage showing top and i am fortunate that her husband wasnt there to witness that behaviour, i think i'll be less drunk so i dont get myself in trouble. also i was saying offensive things to a young woman and i was also spewing all over the place. i just though i would never be that type of guy, especially since i was only once a quiet, videogame geek who never went out and just studied in my freetime. now i got out, talk loud, and can be a quite a show for people when i act like a clown. i guess its okay to be drunk but not very drunk, cos that could mean your asking for trouble.
jonnyronny jonnyronny
18-21, M
Jul 31, 2010