Just Stay Away

so i'm with my daughter at the bookstore spending time together and looking for a book to read, when this guy comes out of nowhere and starts talking to me. he tells me he just had to come over and tell me how beautiful he thought i was and he would like to call me sometime. i tell him, thanks, but no thanks, i'm taken, and i'm here with my daughter.  he tries to keep going talkin about how we can just be friends and stuff, and my daughter starts to get aggravated and pulls me away (good girl).  even she knows that's not cool. 

and i'm not racist or anything, but its always the black guys that do that crap. come up to me and try to "holla".....i mean, i get looks from every race, but its only the black guys that come and talk to me, and its very annoying.  i mean, if i'm at the grocery store, its to buy groceries. if i'm at the bookstore, its to look at books and read. 

i just think that when a man sees a woman with a child, they should respect that and not approach to hit on the mom.  and if you see me occupied, don't interrupt and think that i'm just gonna give you my number and be your friend.  NO THANKS!

danetty757 danetty757
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2 Responses Mar 3, 2009

lol. I don't like that either but it happens to me too. For some reason black men are attracted to me too... One even touched me like padded me in the bottom, this was at walmart. I hated it and got so very mad but i did not see the guy... I never went back to that walmart...

Yeah, I can see how that would be extremely irritating.