Wonder Why I Like Living A Hermit Life?

Especially around my Apartment Complex. But as soon as I try to come out of my Shell, with Curiosity and try my best to meet with others.  I want to know what is going on. I find everyone on an Evasiveness Behavior and doing their damn-est at trying to Ignore ... (Me).  This kind of Behavior really Annoys ... (Me).

There are the Trivial things I could care less about with other people. But why are People so shallow to only be into the Trivial Soap Opera and Drama of their Popular Genre, when I am not into that kind of Genre?

And so ... It continues to go like this ...

There was a Resident about my Apartment place who only liked to really Ignore me and get really religious.  I don't know, but the excessive spouting of God and Satan in the Apartment made her get Evicted from the Place.  I feel sad and sorry that she didn't have the common sense, but what had really annoyed me about her, was that she did all she could to ... Ignore ... (Me).  That was mostly why I am glad it happen to her. People with that behavior actually is why and what makes me like just staying by myself as a ... 'Hermit'!
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1 Response Jul 22, 2010

Because we don't live up to these people expectations of what we should be --to make them feel comfortable in their own world. I, too, experience it as well but I have come to the realization that unless you deal with these people on their own terms, accept their dogma as gospel, they will treat you as an outcast. Let me say this--it is THEIR issue, not mine. It is quite pompous of them to think they have all the answers and that they are the right answers, people like this are so blinded with own self-rightousness that they fail to see the benefit in learning from others or listening to others. Thank goodness we don't all agree on everything but from disagreement comes learning. I think those people maybe lonely as well because if they have all the answers and refuse to share and learn with others then they have no one but themselves. It is what Bias and Bigotry are born of.