So Hate It!!!

that is the one thing I truly hate, someone doing that, makes me want to reach out and slap them, pushes me right over the edge, and they know they are doing it, makes me ever worse, I put them in their place very hard, aggressive as I can be to tell them to **** off and get away from me, that is a good way to bring out the worst in me is when someone does that to me.....i will warn them once, twice, then that is it, they are done!!
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1 Response Nov 23, 2010

Well, I nearly got fired today. I've put up with a man in my office making indirect comments about women being less than men for years. <br />
Well today we were in the office kitchen this morning getting our coffee, making breakfast etc, and well he came in with a colleague and well the other guy was respectful and said wow all the beautiful women in one place, while the other one said that we were exactly where a woman should be......well, I don't know where it came from, but there was a milker sitting on the counter and from out no where, I picked it up and threw it at him. It hit him directly on the chest, but little did I know, oops, it was open and it got milk all over his shirt.<br />
Now I know it was immature and not a politcally correct thing to do, and while I apologized to him for getting him wet because it was open, I'm not actually sorry for the fact I threw it at him.<br />
I'm sorry, but it's been a long time since we have been considered chattle or property. We have earned the right to be considered people, we've earned the right to vote and damn it, we've earned to be equals with our male counterparts. We never should have had to "earn" it in the first place. It's been a long time since the only thing we were good for was a homemaker, a baby maker and someone's wife. We work, we earn our money, we come home and take care of our families. We are equal to men in our lives, and to be told that a woman's place is in the kitchen.....I'm sorry he got wet, but in the same respect, he deserved it!