So, The Thing Is...

...I got a box in the mail, today. It's 2 airsoft guns, that my fiance ordered. I knew they were coming, and that's all fine and dandy. Well, the thing is, my fiance wanted me to open them, since he isn't going to be home for a few weeks (AIT). He kept bringing it up as we talked, and kept trying to pressure me into opening it. I repeatedly told him no, I wanted to Skype, so he could see me open it, but the internet there isn't working so good right now.

Any way. It made me extremely annoyed at him. I HATE it when people keep trying to tell me to do something. Pressuring me into trying to do something when I keep telling someone no makes me want to slap them. I can't stand it when someone nags me about it, after the first time or two. I told my fiance to just have patience. He kept trying to tell me to open in, enough to where I told him that I was annoyed, and I would like it if he would just shut up about it and talk about something else. I tried to be nice afterwards, but I had just gotten so annoyed that I couldn't help but sound as if I had attitude the rest of the time that we were talking..
crysren crysren
Sep 10, 2012