Being Obvious

I have a tendency of spacing out a lot sooo......

People who are gonna be involved in the story:

I was sitting on the other side of the table and I was sitting with my best friend and I have a habit of spacing out a lot and not knowing anything that's going on around me so, I think i was looking at the table spot in front of him (ALEX) but he was leaning back so it looked like i was staring at his thing.

I Came back to reality to see him staring at me with a 'wtf' expression so i just looked away but when i turned back around he was whispering to the other guys and they were looking at me evEry 2 secs so i was on the verge of slapping someone.

Cameron sitting next to Alex leaned over the guy i was sitting in front of to whisper something to Cody. He was trying to whisper but i heard part of what he said

" Hey Cody, do you see the girl in the blue jacket in front of Elijah ( the guy hes leaning over)?Well...blah blah blah "

I didn't hear the rest but i was pretty pissed off already. When he were waiting outside after lunch to go in Alex was standing a few feet away from us looking for someone so i asked my friend Renee if i should tell him something and she said sure.Now, i didn't want to but my feet brought me in front of him so by then he was already looking at me. I told him,

" You know alex next time your gonna talk about someone try not to make it so frickin obvious."

He turned pink and said what so i repeated what i said. He was messing with the bench he was standing by and said that he wasn't talking about anyone so i was like sureeeeeee and left to go inside and Renee was like'
" You know i was standing behind you just incase that if he did something to you i would be in ISS later for fighting."

But the worst part is that i was so scared because hes taller and stronger then me and i also had him for 8th period so i had too see him again.XD
TinySecret TinySecret
Dec 1, 2012