You Know Those Times.........

You know those times when you try to do your best, and you forgot to do something. No matter how hard you try, you end up being the bad guy. You know when you make plans to do something special, and things change. You end up being the bad guy. You know when you try to help your spouse, and you don't do it the way they do it, you end up being the bad guy. You know, I was going to say that maybe I am a bad guy, but to those whom think I am a bad guy,      J U S T  G E T  O V E R  IT   ! ! ! ! !

salguoddouglas salguoddouglas
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3 Responses Feb 22, 2010

It doesn't make you a bad guy, it's more about what you do about it all after the fact. Apologise if you feel you need to - do it with sincerity, not just because you feel you have too. Make it up to the person if you can, and talk to them - communication is the key. Personally, I've had the experience recently where there have been promises made, and then broken. What annoyed me wasn't so much that the promises were broken once or even twice - but that they were done so repeatedly and the same dumb-arse excuse was used each time! He couldn't work out why I was so upset, and why being made to feel I didn't matter hurt me.. so yeah.. good luck!

Good point. Not being able to do things to perfection doesn't make you a bad guy. We all make mistakes that's the way life is.

your not a bad guy, every one messes up and alot of times its not even there fault, but sometimes people are misunderstanders and jump when they shouldnt. just forgive her and try to tell her how u feel. using the words i and me. women need to here u talk to them