I'm having a difficult time confirming with society. I'm naturally Jesus lol which means I'm naturally a radically loving rebel. I'm into bind breaking and escaping boxes. I hate the American lifestyle. I hate the idea of working myself into a grave wasting my life away working, miserable. Didn't everyone before me suffer and die so I can be free and express my freedoms?
RainbowLoveFire RainbowLoveFire
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I think every one before you worked so THEY wouldn't have to suffer.

Everyone before me HAD to work to survive and distract themselves from a life of suffering. But I like to think it wasn't in vain and I should have a choice to enjoy living rather than working which to me is suffering if its not voluntary and self beneficial its all bullshit land of liberty my asscheeks!

Lol confirming! Damn auto spell. Confirm= Conform