I Hate Bullying

I don't like bullying and am strictly against it however I haven't really come across it.
it's really bad. like so bad I can't even put it into words.

everyone has gossiped or talked behind someone else's back but to what extent?? that's gossiping.

bullying - a different story. that is just being mean because they want to pick on someone who is an easy target or smaller than them.
I say no to bullying - bullies should go suck eggs!

Anyone who is bullied, you don't have the right to be picked on by those who are stronger than you are! Stand up! Speak up! Tell those bullies you don't care! Come up with some epic insults or comebacks and knock them off their toes! Or learn martial arts and kick their butts! I believe that you, or anyone reading this who has fallen victim to a bully, I believe you are strong enough to fight back! There are so many inspirational songs out there that are motivational! Remember, there will always be someone out there waiting for you, to join you on your journey in life!
Once you meet them, if those bullies bother you again, take out your swords and fight together against those monsters - I believe you can knock them down!

And to the bullies out there... you're all be dead meat one day. I bet whoever you bullied, they'll be your boss.

You'll be wanting to become a loser like me, a loser like me yeah!

uncertaingirl uncertaingirl
18-21, F
Sep 12, 2012