I Lost My Freedom Coz Of Bullying :-(

i was a topper at my school and am attractive also. Just because of these two reasons i became noted in every one's eyes. Few people didn't like me being topper, they formed groups and started bullying me in each and every matter like in, what ever i do, where ever i go....... In the beginning, i was embarrassed due to their talks and actions.. They continued the same to me and went to an extent that i stop going out alone, i lost all the joy with my friends and finally i lost my freedom to speak, act how i want and in studying also...:-(

i hate bullying and the people who do that :-(
vachya vachya
22-25, F
1 Response Sep 24, 2012

God i hat them ! i'm sry u had to experience one

:-(, now again i am trying to find myself with all my freedom...

hope u will , just be strong


ur welcome :)

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