My Bullying Story

Ok so this is my bullying story and some if this may be violent and I will put cuss words in here so if you can't take that please leave if you can just remember you've been warned.....

Ok so my bullying has started since kindergarten by this kid named Axel. He made jokes about me, hit me, and was an total a** to me. He bullied me all until 5th grade because I told him not to pick on me so he ran up to my friend Parker and choked him and held him up on the wall then Parker punched that b**** right in the nose. So all 3 of us went to the principle because axel mentioned my name and so I told them he was picking on me and I told them that I told him to pick on someone else so he got in school suspension for that and he hasn't picked on me since then. Jr. High was fine and good then came high school. I had kept all this bullying hidden until one night I told my friend Gabbie I was going to commit suicide and she called the cops they showed up at my house and then the next day it was all over the school and then people were telling Gabbie and I rumors about who said what and then we had this fight so we were taken to the principles and they told us we needed to stop or the cops would get in it and so we became friends. After that things were good and then people started fighting and then said I was a witness when I had no clue. As high school progressed I was told I was gay and other mean stuff and I would totaly call them **** heads or b****es with small dicks and that would get them mad so ya. Then one time this kid wrote gay on the back of my shirt and my parents yelled at me for it so I got revenge on him by making gay rumors about him and I told the counselors then at lunch I was told by one of my friends that the people who usually sat there didn't like me and they thought my girlfriend was a b**** so I started telling what I thought about them and people agreed so I am sick of it so if someone's gonna bully me and be a **** sucker or jerk I will WILL do the same to you. This bullying s*** needs to stop I can't do anything without certain people saying stuff about what I do or the way I act. Seriously people do follow me around and talk about everything I do so if you know me and you are reading this and you bully me remember these 2 things: I will get revenge on you and f*** off b**** cuz I will get revenge. Sorry this was long bye!!!
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