I Hate Them

i don't like bullying ether because it hurts people. there are lots of bullys at my school who do really bad things. i'm trying to loose weight so that they will stop picking on me. i weigh 153 pounds but i lost 3 pounds in 2 weeks. i don't run yet but i'll start soon but for now i walk.

before christmas brake Jack and Randal did the worse thing anybody could do to anybody. i hate taking a shower at school because they make fun of my weight and how i look. we have to because they make us after P.E.

Jack and Randal got a bunch of the other boys in my class to pull me out of the lockerroom. i tryed to get back in as hard as i could but they held the door closed so i couldnt get back in. girls from drama was coming out and saw me. Theresa saw me and Ashley did to. i was so embarrassed that they saw me. i was so mad because they just kept looking and wouldn't stop laughing at me.

i pushed as hard as i could but i still couldn't get back in the lockerroom. the more i yelled to get back in the more girls came out of drama. i was hoping the drama teacher would come out and make them open the door but she was at the office. the bell rang and the gymnastics girls came out and the math class at the other end of the hall came out to. the gymnastic girls wouldn’t just keep going they stoped and laughed at me to. thank god Ms. Valares the gymnastic teacher came out and made them let me back inside. the girls keep laughing at me everyday. they say my **** is so small and they couldn't see my balls. they keep telling me that i din't have much hair between my legs.

i hate what they did to me. i feel like i did something bad. i was in the hall naked but i keep telling myself it wasn't my falt.
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I'm so sorry that happened to you. Good for you that you lost lost some weight. I'm happy for you. Please try to remember that it's more important to have a good character and be a decent person than a thinner one. God bless, Hug hug