One thing, i have never, ever done in my life is "chase"! anyone! and i mean "anyone"!

If anybody's interested in me! Then they will contact me, not me they! (SORRY)

My friend and i once went to a local club, to the dance/concert/show  in the next valley across the way, from where we live! (this was in the 70's) when we were both 17 yr old,. We were sat in front row, having a drink and i was chatting over the table to her! The artist, (an impressionist) came to our table and said to me!, "do i come to your house and make a noise while "your" performing"!) I could have dropped through the floor with embarrassment,. My friend was in stitches! with laughter,.

After he finished his act, he came down to where we were sat, (i didn't see him) he caught hold of my hair and pulled me toward him and said! "hey your pulled"! he then put his card with his name and number on and expected me to call him!! "yeah!!!! right! huh!!! NO!!!!" LMBAO!!! LOL "No way"!!! would i be doing that! I ripped the card up! "I wasn't calling anyone"! if he/they want me! they call or contact me! not the other way round!

"A man chases a girl, until she catches him"!

In my opinion, i find this quote to be true! (unless i'm of the "old school") and i use "old" very lightly LOL

Can't help the way i am, this is me! and hey!?? I will not be calling you! first,. (For the record, my husband chased me for two years, it was another year or more. before i told him where i lived) LMBAO! LOBL!
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Love this you are so right my friend, if your worth it and YOU SO ARE, then let them chase you, see the quality of the prize and work for it!! you are so definitively that Prize my dear am glad he knows exactly what he has in you - I only wish to find my prince one day and treasured as you are - even if marriage is hard work!! love this my dear, just love it!! x

I agree with what your saying here, RassaFrassa! :D there does indeed seem to be an element of stalking present in these lyrics,. Yet these are written by some of the worlds most talented artistes! and the like,. <br />
I cannot help who i am! i will not call, anyone first! I remember, the boyfriends i used to go out with, used to meet me in the local town and when they wanted to walk me home, i used to pretend i lived somewhere else other than my own home! LOL I didn't want my parents meeting them or vice versa! This worked for me! My husband and i, have been married 30 years next year! :D <br />
<br />
May i thank you so much for your comment, feedback and especially these lyrics! :D :D

Awwwwwww!! wow! kind sir! May i thank you so much! for your feedback! and do you know my gorgeous! friendly friend!? You are sooooooo!!! correct in your comment! :D My husband, never knew my address for over a year and met my parents, two years later! LOL We will be married now next year! 30 years!!!! :D I thank you so much for your very kind words! You are awesome! my handsome! :D thank you! <br />
May i thank you for commenting! Missed ya! gorgeous! :D :D

And may i just comment and say! Very, very happy! and content! LOL