Christmas Not My Thing

My birthday is December 28th three days after Christmas three days before the new year.

Enough said.
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I'm a December birthday person myself. When I was little, my parents gave me a choice "Birthday or Christmas! Can't have both!" I was born Dec. 7th.

We share the same birthday. Does than mean anything? I was born 2 months premature and in a shack in the woods "no electricity, no running water and a out house. My grandfather dlivered me as there was not a Doctor near by. I weighed about 2 and 1/2 pounds and was not supposed to live. My parents kept me warm by laying me on the wooden stove door. My brother said they baked me too long and maybe they did. When i was two weeks old I saw the doctor and he said that I should not even be alive. I was and I am still and going strong. That was in 1941. I became my mom's little girl when I was 4. I started my sisters panties and dresses. It helped my mom as we had lots of girls cousins who passed their dress on to us.

My mom worried about me and the aunts and her talked and decided that I would out grow it but I did not. My doctor said some little boys enjoy wearing gfirls clothes and I may not outgrow it. He will not be happy if he can not be wearing dresses. My mom and reluctantly my dad accepted his thoughts. I was picked at for a little while but with promises of wearing dresses for two monhts even to school the men and boys quit. The girls cintu=inued but because they wanted me to dress up with them which I did.They soon found out that my sister an I were better than they at most sports I was accepted as who I am. Jerry

You were fortunate to have family and friends who accepted and supported your wants and needs. I don't think that happens very much.

I don't know if sharing the same birthday means anything but it is cool. I do know that if Capricorns cohabitate they will not get along well until they are much older.

I was born a premy as well I weighed a little more that you but my mom said it took me two months to develop to the extent my brother was when he was born.

My childhood was pretty hard to get through but I try not to look back.

I need to make some changes in my life. Get an apartment I am living with my husband at present and this is not a good thing. I've left five or six times before but came back. The last time I was away 3 years. This time it is going to a permanent change.

Today was just fabulous it is warm 68 degrees and we could take off all the extra layers. I played with Archer, my dog out side and I swear he ran through every puddle even if he had to zigzag to do.

Be well Jerry,

Mines one month later,still get combined presents but I still love the giving and excitement.Blessed Be.Happy Winter solstice.

i feel your pain, mine is a month after Christmas so people lump my presents into one ! That's why I have a Happy Un Birthday every day to Compensate.Hee Hee.

My daughter-in-law's birthday is the beginning of Nov. We have talked about celebrating our birthdays in the Spring.