Only If There Is Good Reason!!

i have nothing against people who complain with good reason to complain about something, but sometimes you get people that complain about the silliest little things, so silly, that its embarrassing, for no one else, but the person doing the complaining, and all too often its the person thats complaining about the silliest little thing, that doesnt realise just how much a fool they are making of themselves!! so much so, that quite often, a lot of the people around them feel embarrassed for them!!!
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oh god... I suppose I am a bit like that but it's something I got from my mom who's always looking at the negative things in everything and her family is like that too, luckily I got my dad who is the complete opposite.

thank you *wiseowl*!! i mean, i can be a negative person at times, but not 24/7!! i mean sometimes people just overstep the mark when complaining about things, and you just end up needing to avoid them, as you say, "for the sake of our sanity"!! lol<br />
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thanks for commenting on my story!!

I wish I'd seen this post sooner. I get tired of complainers who do it as a habit. Negative thinking 24/7. We all do it once a week, but all day? I need to stay on the brighter side & at some point, complaining people need to please stop. Not so much or keep it in a humorous mode. They do look silly Cowshed. No matter what you say to help them, its a loss. That can make anyone want to avoid the chronic complainer. Good people don't prefer that but our sanity means something as well. Great post.