Too Much Drama

I hate conflict and I dont know many who like it,But I am not stupid enough to avoid it at all cost like I want to be. Sometimes you have to go through it in order for things to work out.
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2 Responses Jul 17, 2007

That sucks honey, I am sorry.I know how that goes, similair situations have happened to me.

I work in a care home and for a long time there have been staff who have victimised other staff. It has even got to the point where people have been getting ill with work related stress.<br />
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I'm normally very quiet and don't make a fuss and so have been picked on because people think I'm weak. I finally lost it at a meeting we had yesterday and got everything off my chest. Even my manager said are you O.k?<br />
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Today she has rang me at home and asked me to go on a conflict management course. It makes me mad cause I don't need to go on a stupid course, I already know that all is needed is to be pleasant and considerate to people.<br />
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Sometimes things just get too much and so conflict happens but it doesn't always make things better.