screaming was usually the way my family communicated with each other

and i remember countless times when my dad would yell at me til i cried

now i've noticed whenever i hear someone shouting at another person, i start tearing up and on the rare occasion i actually start to cry, even if they're not yelling at me

because i know what i went through was horrible, it grew me up way faster than i would have liked and sparked so much hate in me that i lost who i was for a while

i never want anyone to have to feel that like i did

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XD ... you is my midget ... i must save you from yourself

that reminds me of the time under your bed when you were like "i put extra butter on it in case you didn't eat as much"<br />
always looking out for me :]

I hate it when you get all quiet though ... it makes me so worried :(

i'd probably deal better with silent treatments rather than the screaming though<br />
cause i'm a very patient person so i could most likely wait the whole thing out<br />
<br />
but yes, indeed conflict does suck

My family is different. They like to have a silent war when something goes wrong and I dont like that either. Conflict sucks :(