can't stand milk.

But I do like ice cream =)

I use soy milk for my cereal, and even then I don't pour a lot of it in my bowl.

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haha meworld, no offense taken. i'm lactose intolerant, especially if it's straight milk, like in a glass. i'm good if i just have a little ice cream, though. just sometimes i like my cereal with milk..and since i can't deal with cow milk too well, i'm stuck with soy milk. at least it's none of that lactose-free milk...that stuff is nasty as I don't know what.

I like dry granola a lot . My wife says I am a cereal killer. LOL. I know I have lost a few lbs since I started eating granola instead of my usual junk food...DD

haha it's vanilla! and it actually tastes pretty good. that regular stuff is nasty

I mean no offence, but SOY MILK????? I can't imagine anything grosser than that except, possibly my avatar.