Life Is Too Short

Constructive feedback is very different in nature to the mean spirited put downs and cleverly disguised remarks of a verbal sniper.

Life is far too short to try to please the people for whom nothing is good enough.

Around my being I choose to blanket my heart and hold close those who nourish my spirit, and strive to remove from my sphere those who wish to destroy it.

I can pray blessings for them from afar. I also pray for my own dark shadow, which can be the sniper, at times I least expect her to strike.

From my own self, I let the waterfall of Love wash away that would seek to use me to harm someone I love.

For pure intention, Divine Grace. For those who continue to bite, they shall have no access to my soft spots.
A strong spirit may get tired and vulnerable, but uses wisdom by where she chooses to rest.
vibrante vibrante
41-45, F
1 Response Jan 13, 2013

sorry if your friends aren't critical then what are they? I want my friends to be critical understanding and accepting. How else can one know their own place in reality? You might not want to be critical with children because they don't have life experiences to make proper comparisons nor do they have a well developed sense of themselves, But at some point in late adolescence early adult hood it is time to be honest and critical with out being tactless. n my humble opinion. Unless I just don't understand what you mean by critical people. Do you just want cheer leaders for friends?

Great point. Telling someone the truth in love is really different from someone just trying to cut you down.
There is a vast difference between feedback that might be negative and meanness.
I don't really have this issue anymore. My personal boundaries are much better. Blessings