What a Drag!

I use to have a critical "friend" growing up! She was not pleasant to be around, because everything I thought of or said, she had some negative response to. I had gotten an invitation to be a model, when I was a teen, and ran to tell her... big mistake! Her response was, "You'll never make it. There are prettier girls than you." I felt crushed and gave up that dream. :-/

One day, my mother got an offer of a new house, with a pool. It never came through, with that promise... But at the time, to a poor kid, this was great news! I rushed to tell this girl that we may be moving soon, to a house with a pool! Her response, "Pools are too much maintenance. It will be sludgy and you won't be able to enjoy it. Unless you could afford a pool-cleaner... and you most likely can't." Then, I wasn't so happy about the pool anymore.

And then I wanted to join in this Nickelodeon contest, hoping to win a trip to Universal Studios... Yeah, I seemed to be slow as a kid, not catching onto patterns. I ran to the girl with my plans, excited, yet again! Her response, "Why bother? There are millions of kids joining that contest, your chances will be so slim. You most likely won't win anything." It was like I was a friend to Eeyore! XD


She finally went away to college, that's when the friendship ended. The last time I saw her, before she left home, I told her that I was sure she would do well in college. And that she would be a great in the field that she wanted. Her response, "This is a highly competitive field, my chances of passing this course is slim. I hope that I will make it, but who knows." Hmm... :-/

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2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

I,m trying find something positive in your friend and all I've come up with is that a person with no dreams, hope or expectations is never disappointed.

Wow what a grouch! Sounds like you're much better off to have this "friend" away from you then around you ... a person's negative energy can really result in your own high-spirits just lowering... resulting in yucky circumstances in your life. <br />
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I've had a few friends as you describe - I'm quick to notice these people now and I just end it off as quick as possible... otherwise the sometimes insidious consequences could be huge.<br />
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My best friend and I are pretty cool on this --- whenever she has something fun to share I just get excited with her and we bask in the fun of sharing each other's wins. Much better that way... instead of being jealous and trying to rain on another's parade. :)