I just came back from walmart and had to instantly either find or create a group like this. I don't consider myself to be superior, I don't look down on people, I'm just a regular guy. But it was so awful being around the people there. It was SO much like the behavior of zombies in movies that it seemed vaguely threatening, though it was more likely they would have knocked my young son over through accidentally bumping him than deliberate malice, I was constantly on guard. Everyone has a slack expression, shuffling randomly into things, each other, stopping suddenly, again apparently at random. Even their postures seemed as thought they were all in a stupor, wabbling and swaying with barely enough balance to stay up It was like an exageration of slack, barely keeping upright with the help of carriages.


Ants seem SO far superior to us in how they mingle and move about each other. Neat orderly rows, seeming to focus on group cohesion and efficiency.

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You are to be congratulated that you kept your feelings contained. I'll never forget being at Disneyland in a line for the monorail with the ex, who also hates crowds. He was ready to boil over. A pregnant woman behind him in line accidentally stepped on his foot and he threatened to punch her out. (To me, fortunately, not to her). I had to get him out of there and take him someplace cool and dark and fill him full of alcohol to calm him down. I was SO glad he didn't punch out the pregnant lady.

LOL Jesse.....never thought about it that way.! Just 'Having A Walmart Day' - can add that to the "Bad Hair Day' lingo lists.

Brain Death

I like the way you shop, M. Focused and deliberate!

Crowds aren't so bad - I'm not crazy about them, but I think it depends on the 'crowding'. Walmart - bad, Winery - good.

Everyone is so caught up in their own thoughts this days they have no time to notice anyone else. Or anything else. Watch the videos of people laying on the road after being hit by a car or of heart attack victims laying suffering on the ground in a public place with people just walking by them, not noticing someone needs help. Or not caring. It's sick. I intensely dislike people.

I couldn't agree more!<br />
I avoid going out at lunchtimes into town because nobody seems to be able to walk in a straight line, or with any real purpose. I quite often witness people stopping to chat with people they know at the top/bottom of escalators and in shop doorways so that everyone else has to squeeze by them. I am pretty intolerant of aimless people at the best of times, so I try to avoid any situation where I might have to join a mindless throng of people shuffling about. <br />
My absolute favourites are the people who are walking directly in front of you and then just stop abruptly without thought for anyone else behind them. In fact, that's the word I was looking for...thoughtless!<br />
Gotta love those ants and bees with their military precision :)