A Real Cruel Trick A Hand Doc Played On Me :( Warning! May Trigger!

I was reffered to this hand specialist via my orthopedic doc who fixed up my knee and said my hand needed fixing desperately. of course it had to be the A$$ I saw awhile back who had angered me with his 'disabled people predjudice" only I didn't know it when the appointment was made for me by my ortho and the hospital refused to tell me WHO i was seeing! had I known I would have canceled and saved myself ALOT of greif, stress and 35 dollars worth of gasoline. Anyhow I drove to the hospital which is an hr and a half drive from me, got there and waited and waited, then waited some more.. i was called in when everyone else was done... TWO HRS LATER! his secretary walks in with this smug look on her face and says " I'm sorry DR BULLSHIT( I will call him that, it rhymes with his real name) does not want to see or treat you" I told her.. I drove all this ways for him to refuse me??!!! And wasted 35 dollars?! She told me there was nothing she could do( oh yea there was! like give me back my wasted gas money or a voucher!) people I tell this too ask why the **** didn't they call me to tell me that??? And he didn't even have the guts to face me himself.. send in his receptionist. I told my mother about it and it nearly gave her another heart attack. She was MAD as a hornet! a cruel trick indeed! he will of course be hearing from my lawyer.. before you ask. discrimination.
grettagrids grettagrids
36-40, F
Sep 13, 2012