Cruel People

They make me really uncomfortable. That it is so easy to mistreat people. That they are at peace with being cruel...very sad that someone can be that way. Sad they can't feel that being at least indifferent is better than cruel...
soulrunher soulrunher
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I have come across this in my life, and I am as incredulous as you are. Here is how I see it; they lack an empathy gene. People who knowingly hurt others--they lack the ability to understand what it feels like to be hurt, either physically or emotionally. They just do what feels right for themselves. It is appalling and mind boggling--but if I see them as mentally ill, as deficient in that they are incapable of understanding, I can even have compassion for them, the cruel ones. Pity them--they are in away, sub-human.

Okay, I understand that, but don't you find it so ironic that those same cruel people are the most sensitive of all of us?! It's true here. I can attest to that.

No. I don't see that. Cruel is cruel and we pretty much, as humans, have a definitive definition of what that means--and it does not mean that the cruel ones are SO sensitive that they inflict pain on others...that doesn't really make sense. Unless you are implying that people are cruel towards others because there is something lacking within themselves, that they are in fact desperately needy, or in need of attention. I could see that--here anyway-- where the more outrageous you are the more hits you get. Yeah. I get that. I still pity them, that they have to resort to that though.

I sorry, when I said here, I meant at my house. LOL and yes, it's odd and doesn't make sense. Yes, there is at times pity...with sadness and anger.

It still holds true--here it is more obvious, people's passive aggressive intentions--but in your house--no clue--except that there is usually a pattern of behavior, so a lot of what I said would still apply. Negative attention is still attention right?

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