Force Fed My Vomit


When I was put in care after my mother died, I was put in the hands of a very large women who liked to seek her pleasure from making little children suffer.  One morning while eating my breakfast I was sick, I recall the memory very well although I was only about three at the time,The hall we all ate in was massive, the house was atually a mansion, it kind of reminded me of the mansion in the film The sound of music.   On the morning when I was sick, it went all over my high chair table top, the matron came to me and put my spoon into the sick and forced my mouth open with her hands, I remember screaming and seeing her face looking down at mine and she was turning blue with the rage, she lost her temper so much because I wouldnt open my mouth that she spun my high chair to face the wall and pushed me in so tight that I couldnt see anyone or anything apart from the bare wall.

Another time when she was cruel to me, it is as vivid in my head today as it was back then when I was three, It was snowing and bitter cold, I remember this cruel women opening the large back kitchen door and shouting at my sister to take me with her, I remember a little red and white trycical just being there covered in snow, my sister was made to push me round and round in circles untill she was told to stop, my sister told me that she kept us out there for what seemed like forever, she told me when I was a grown women that my knuckles were bleeding from the cold, the same as my sisters fingers were bleeding from pushing me around and around.  

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I am sorry! Some people are heartless and insane. My childhood memories are similarly tainted, but it makes is stronger, we know we would never do such things ourselves, and are more empathetic and compassionate than most due to our own knowledge of pain.

This is so painful for me to read. I'm so sorry you and your sister had to endure all this. If you don't mind me asking, how long were you in this woman's care? Was she ever exposed for her crimes?

I know, Thats why I have always found it hard to be firm with me children, I have four beautiful girls at home, I brought them up with truth. x

I am so sorry this happened to you it is truly awful what some people do to children and things smaller than themselves.

Amazing. Its easy to think that stuff like this only happens on tv shows, but when you actually see these stories told by real live people you begin to remember just how terrible people can be. But I think we all have the potential to be better, and I know that though this experience is traumatizing, it has made you the better, wiser person that you are today. I hope that you are blessed and that for every bad thing that has happened, something good happened/s as well.

Aw , thanks love, ur someone who believes in me. xx

Unbelieveable...yet totally believeable...<br />
Truth is stranger than fiction...I sure hope you've managed to put it behind you...somehow.<br />
<br />
Time to write the know people would pay to read this...or see it in a movie....Especially if the matron gets it in the end...Kind of reminds me of the movie Matilda......<br />