I Used To Be One, So I Can Talk...


The deal is, that I like intelligent conversation. It's one thing for me to teach. It's entirely another to argue with someone who claims to know something he/she doesn't.

A few things that I'm proud of are:
My service in the military
My ability to prepare taxes
And my more than average knowledge of the Bible.

So, it really ticks me off when someone hasn't studied at all, then makes up stuff to argue about. People who do this are dividers, and they create doubt by destroying truth, twisting it, and manipulating it. They say that they are trying to "teach you," but they don't have the slightest clue what they are talking about.

It's like me trying to teach an advanced calculus class without knowing algebra. It's preposterous. Or trying to prepare taxes without knowing the tax law and my responsibility to the IRS and the Customer.

So, PLEASE do me a favor . . . study the Bible before you argue or debate about it with me. God is no joke.
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2 Responses Aug 1, 2010

On the subject of people arguing over something they know nothing about I get upset when celebrities make statements or support causes with no real knowledge of the subject.<br />
Just because an actor makes millions of dollars at the box office doesn't make their personal opinion better than anyone elses.<br />
I do know that some celebrites support causes they do know very well and have every right to speak out about it. Micheal j Fox speaking out about Parkinsons disease comes to mind!

Bravo, thoughtsareapenny. Great post. More people, regardless of where they stand politically, should have your wise philosophy.