Dirty Old Men

Its funny how we call them dirty old men when actually the dirty old man could be the preist you talk to at church or the teacher at school that becomes toooo freindley or even the social worker that you put your trust in or even that [favorite uncle that you have ] or even a close member of the familey they are preditors of our own societyno they are not dirty old men they are people that we think wouldnt do such a thing they are blackmailers the onley advice I can give you all is when you have your own children dont trust them with anyone not unless you know them very very well thats all I have to say monica
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What about a dirty young man would you refuse that

fortuantley I havnt done any of the above I just tried to move on forward with my life but yes its hard with relationships though im not being rude here but I could never make ot with a man with lights on or during the day as thats when it used to happen to me as a kid I guess that will always stay with me but other than that I turned my life around and just tried to forgwet even though that doesnt a;ways wpork I try my best

Very good. Its people like you who well help others.

thankyou denny for your comment sorry ive been a little slack in getting back to you but your comments are so true some people will not come forward as the pain is still very raw to them and they would rather forget all about it it works one way for them but in other ways it still affects them as it does me
I would give anything just to set one of those dirty men up and have the pleasure of seeing them go to jail over here in australia the laws are very laxed where as In america and other side of the world they get punished severley a few years ago there was a story that took my intrest you see a bloke in america was a sexual abuser this abuser said he would rather be put to death than ever to be realeased from jail as he could not trust himself ever again that he wouldnt affend again with the same charges of being a sexual abuser so there he was put to death I do not in any way condone what he had done to small children at all but I do feel very happy that he chose never to live again[thats one abuser not walking this earth ever again

Yep, the sex drive is strong and easily perverted. I have been with several girls who were molested. It made relationships very difficult for them, Some have been married several times, others harmed themselnves with drugs and alcohol, some led good lives. It is not easy to deal with.