I'm really afraid of them. I guess it's the fact that they really are most of the time just in it for the money. So, they don't even CARE if you get better, so they constantly misdiagnose as if your life doesn't even matter. It's bullcrap, total bullcrap. Most of the time I'm so afraid of them that I can't even get myself to go until I'm almost dying already, and then they end up misdiagnosing me and I might as well die anyhow! Doctors are nothing but a waste of time and money. Maybe I'm just better off suffering and dying. :P
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I have several friends who are doctors. They care. They are not in it just for the money. If they make a mistake, they are horrified. They just can not demonstrate this in front of the patients, the *rest* of the patients who do trust them, need to feel they can rely on them. And if you're always being misdiagnosed, perhaps the information you're trying to give them about your condition is not getting through? It's very hard for anybody to diagnose anything successfully without a good history.