I Hate It When Doctors Dont Come to Their Clinic On Time

most doctors do not practice practice punctuality especially in their clinics. I really hate it when i come on time but those darn professionals arrive 2 hours late. there was a time when i had fever and a bad case of diarrhea. i waited for almost 1 and a half hours just to get a prescription. thank God, my stomach cooperated. when the doctor finally arrived, he just placed his stethoscope on my tummy, tapped and palpated it. he mumbled a few things then gave me a prescription. my examination only took 5 mins... *sigh*

if i were given the chance to study medicine, i would uphold punctuality at all times..

toph toph
3 Responses Jul 21, 2007

I know what u mean! i hate it when they r late & dont even say sorry.

maybe in your country, not mine.

You do know *why* Doctors run late, don't you? It's either one of two things: double booking because patients flake out and don't show up OR because they had to take extra time and care to solve the problems of the patient before you...