Dogs In General Are Ok, But I Don't Like Mine!

My mom has 3 large dogs. They are always inside because 1 is spoiled, the other has lung problems and the other is old. These animals make my house smell, fart, barf, pee, and crap. They are house trained but the eldest is "too old" to tell anyone to let him outside. My dad and I both want a clean house but my mom dosen't seem to be that concerned about it. My dad is rarely home because he works out of the state, and he cant do much enforcing over the phone. My mom gets so defensive whenever I mention my opinion and suggesting they go outside is a lost cause. I am a junior in high school and I wish I could go live with my boy friend but I dont want to leave my mom alone because then she would stop cleaning entirely and probably get another dog. Everyone in my family has asthma and allergies and my mom says I'm selfish because I want them outside? I know its wrong to wish death upon something but that one old dog, well I am fed up with my mom babying him. She should buy doggie diapers. Sorry if this is so long, I really needed to complain.
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Its not the dogs fault, kid, its your mums. Deal with her, rather than be angry at the poor animal.

i had one that got hit buy a car -- no more sh*** and urine in the house!! Yay! Then the wife bought another - poo and pee everywhere again! Would love to go for a walk with it on the highway without a leash!

Go and play by yourself on the highway you turd. Psycho, don't have kids ever

Time to move. This is Mom and Dad's problem.

You are just messing with your Momma, why don't YOU clean up after the dogs if they bother you, aren't you old enough to bleach and scrub the floors? <br />
That bit about going to live with your boyfriend, I can see that you are a very ill tempered manipulative child. Have some respect for your Mothers home. When you start paying the bills then you get to make the rules! Until then, either be quiet or start cleaning up after the dogs.

spot on, and shut the **** up, entitled moron. probably doesn't even know where the bleach is?

Is there a reason you're acting like a ten year old after accusing another user of acting like a child ? I'm counting over half a dozen insults in two posts and there's a need for exactly zero of them.

I wish speak as I please. You hate dogs I hate you. Fness out of my life.

I don't remember saying I hate dogs at all. Plus, I'm not in your life, for which I'm thankful. Why are you so hateful towards other humans, tell me ?

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