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I Have No Use For Dogs

Never liked dogs, never understood people who do. I'm watching my gf's dog now and its a pain in the ***. He just got me up an hour early so he could be let out too pee, ugjh. At least it wasn't 2 hours early like the day before.    And there are no advantages to having a dog I can see. Want to have a nice dinner at home? Forget it, this thing will make sure you can't relax and enjoy it. Want to chill after work, no way, now you have to feed and walk this thing. Work late, not really, you have a dog to let out. Want to go away for the weekend, oh who is going to watch the dog? At least with a cat you can leave out some dry food and they are good for a day or 2. 
alk99 alk99 36-40, M 3 Responses Jan 26, 2012

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Where's the like button for this post? Good job, alk99!

I've got say I completely agree with every post on this site I've felt like that all my life. Good job for starting it. Generally I can't stand the things either for all the reasons everyone has stated. Thank god I'm not alone and there are actually people out there who think the same way as I do.<br />
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In the defence of dogs though I will say although that when my mother got a dog he was ok as far as they go I guess, he didn't bark when we were around (unless it was at the postman) he didn't crap in the yard (too well trained for that) he didn't stink as he was bathed regularly and he wasn't aggressive either and there were times, for about 5 minutes when he greeted me, when I was actually quite fond of him. However when it came to having to take him out for a walk mainly to let him have a good crap and a **** (in all weathers and at least twice a day) and the need to pick up his steaming turds afterwards, the fact that he couldn't be left alone for 2 seconds, his constant need for attention and validation "can't you just entertain yourself for 5 minutes? Do I have to do it for you ALL THE TIME?" and generally behaving like a 2 year old that constantly needs looking after that I found so.... tiresome. Really, really tiresome. <br />
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When he was PTS a few months ago I did feel sad for a day or two, I actually felt guilty that I couldn't feel any stronger emotion. I did feel upset for my mother though as she really loved that dog.<br />
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I'm just not a dog person I guess.

You have said a mouthful.

Dogs are like whiny toddlers who need constant attention and care. They need to be walked in all kinds of weather and their leavings picked up.

Dog owners sign on for this when they get the dog. However, they get sick of doing it and decide that they need a break, therefore it's OK to let Fido take a dump on the neighbor's lawn and leave it.

When guests enter their home, the dogs are allowed to bother the guests. Why? If Fido is pestering the guest, then he is not pestering the owner.

The owner deserves a break, right? Guests are expected to put up with Fido's 'attention' since they only have to do it for a short amount of time. The owners live with this nonsense.

One of our neighbors had a senior dog who recently died. Good riddance! What a yapper! What a pee machine!

Every time you went outside, you were treated to this annoying thing running to the fence and yapping away at you, or lifting its leg on the fence and peeing like a race horse.

They 'broke the news' to us expecting us to be truly devastated that we would never be yapped at by that mangy mess again. We pretended to be upset but once we got inside, it was high fives all around.

Unfortunately they moved and were replaced by a couple with two noisy, yapping, dirty, peeing, pooping dogs, so we are back to being barked at every time we enter or leave our own home or try to set foot in our own back yard.

Just once, we would like to enjoy a summer meal on our lovely, enclosed patio without having to shout over the constant barking because, as someone else pointed out, once one stupid dog barks, the whole neighborhood has to join in.

Last summer I had my daughter outside and of course the next door dogs started their yapping, which set off every other dog around.

One of the owners came out to see why her dogs were all barking and had the nerve to holler at me to get back in my house, couldn't I see that I was upsetting all the dogs?

It did not occur to anyone to bring their dogs inside, since then THEY would have been stuck tolerating their own dogs.

No, according to them it is up to me to abandon my own patio so their dogs could stay outside undisturbed.

Uh, we had a roof put on our patio so we could enjoy it, not so we could look wistfully at it from our kitchen, dreaming of the day when we could finally have lunch on it without being barked at by half a dozen miserable curs.

Thank goodness for the voice of reason<br />
<br />
Dogs = why bother<br />
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I didn't used to hate them until I married a dog owner, now I've done the "aversion therapy" I'd rather die than voluntarily own a dog....

out of curiosity what is the aversion therapy? i am currently living with my boyfriend who has an extremely shy dog and I cannot stand how big of a wimp she is. I can turn around wrong or put on my shoes wrong and she become terrified of me. i need something so i can live with this dog....