Boyfriends Dog Is A Big Wimp...

I am currently living with my boyfriend who adopted an extremely wimpy, skiddish, pathetic, scared dog who does not like me at all. She has never like me, I think due to the fact that dogs can sense when a person doesn't like dogs, and now Im stuck living with her. We have taken her to obediance training and I have talked to numerous trainers on how I can have a better relationship with her. Nothing seems to work and my patience is starting to wear thin due to it being almost 8 months and she has showed little progress towards liking me. I do not like dogs! I cannot stand that you need to plan your entire life around them. I want to go places on the weekend but we never can because of jane. We cannot simply go on a picnic because he feels as though jane would want to go with us. You have to let them out to go to the bathroom no matter the weather. Oh did i mention that they are attention ****** and act like toddlers? That they smell no matter how many baths you give them, they beg for food and stare at you if you dont give them any, they slobber and constantly need to be at your feet, ugh. I cannot stand that everyday I am around her I have to watch what I do cause the slightest thing can make her scared of me for two weeks-not exaggerating in the slightest bit. I feel like a bad person and horrible girlfriend because I do not appreciate dogs. I love cats because they love you on their own terms, you can leave them food and water for days if you go on a trip, and they do not require gobs of attention like dogs. I need to here from someone who is experiencing a similar situation because I am surrounded by dog lovers and have no one to talk to about this, or from someone who has advice. Thanks
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I am with you 100%. My husband and I have a dog. It was actually my idea. My cat of 18 years died and I missed her so much, but he does not like having a cat in the house (because of the smell if you can believe that). He thinks the dog smells better. I actually have given up sitting beside him at night because of the smell and the hair and the dog drooling and staring at me and the FARTS ohmyGOD.