Why Do People Think It's Odd I Don't Care For Dogs?

I grew up with dogs, only they were outside dogs. Thankfully we had lots of land so they could roam and be an animal, just as nature intended. I am now 34 yrs. old and living with my gf. She loves dogs and when I met her, Cael -- a choco lab that recently passed -- was already part of the picture. I grew to love Cael, but I hated having her inside so the two of us made compromises; Cael could come inside but could never roam freely, was not permitted on any furniture or bed and would have to be gated into the office. Some people found it odd that my gf would compromise her dogs 'right' to roam wherever the hell it wanted or to get on the couch, etc. This always infuriated me. Dogs are NOT humans. Sure, I think they can be great companions, but they shed and lick their private parts. Not to mention, they can't clean themselves the way humans do after relieving themselves. C'mon....would people allow other people to sit on their furniture with a bare-behind, rubbing it all over? I think not. Furthermore, I am a very clean and tidy person....I grew up that way....so to just not care about hair, dirt, dander, drool and whatever else there may be, floating about my house would never happen.

Furthermore, I just don't like dogs up in my face. I like them to be as independent as possible....like a cat. I don't want to pet your head just because you think I should. I'll give you a pat when I want to give you a pat. Everything is on my terms, not yours. I also don't like dogs that jump. How annoying is this? If I  wanted grime on my shirt I'd go play in a mud puddle or do some gardening.

I am not a mean-natured person by any means. I like cats a lot, love guinea pigs and own two white female rats. I just don't like over-bearing animals, and those animals usually end up being dogs. I don't hate dogs at all. I just like them to know their place and to be well-behaved and definitely, deffffinitely CALM.  
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1 Response May 25, 2012

Yea I hear ya. I'm more of a cat person myself & when I visit with some one who has a dog, their dog is always either in my face or trying to smell my butt or the dog wants me to pet them. Dogs have never been my kind of animal cause they don't leave you alone & constantly want to be where you & every one else is. Argh, it's such a pain...