Not A Dog Fanatic

My husband grew up with dogs and has had them all his life last year he wanted one and now I'm the unhappiest person in the world. The dog sheds and pukes and pees all over the place, chews up shoes and toys and has my house stinking. I have todo all the cleaning and I'm just tired of it. I feel so bad about it but I want him gone and don't know what to do since my husband won't let me get rid of him!! I know he loves him but other than pick up his poop he doesn't do anything else to take care of him, I think I'm just resentful I got stuck with more cleaning and taking care of a dog and a house and two kids and I'm pregnant, can't do it no more
Guilty4ever Guilty4ever
26-30, F
1 Response Nov 28, 2012

Your husband needs to master the fine art of using a vacuum cleaner, for starters.