Why Do Poor People Have So Many Dogs?

I see this constantly. There is street which is mostly poor people near my house. Anytime I take that shortcut to get home, I see dogs, dogs, and more dogs in the yards of these trailer parks. The homes are dilapidated but these people still want their pit bulls and other dogs. The dogs are often left outside to just bark for hours on end.

I know a woman in another state who adopted a second dog even though she has two other dogs with another relative. She just kept one with her and then adopted another animal when she barely can afford to pay the rent and feed herself. The complaints of no money is constant but she bought Halloween costumes to take her dogs to a pet Halloween fair. Now she has to move and the concern is finding a cheaper apartment and a roommate who will accept living with two dogs.

I feel badly for the poor who are in that situation through no fault of their own. Poverty is a cycle which is hard to get out of in most cases unless it is sheer luck. There are people who make the choice to be poor due to romantic choices, having children out-of-wedlock, job hopping, and - of course - having pets they cannot afford.
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Dec 1, 2012