I Should Have Been My Mother's Dog.

I am visiting my mother for my 2X's a year vacation. She has two dogs that I can deal with and am used to so that is not a problem. Mother volunteers at the local animal shelter which I think is nice. What is not nice is how Mother is so obsessed with this one pit bull I will call Moon for now.

Mother fosters Moon several times a week. Her boyfriend takes her dogs to his house so she can Moon for the night. I was not keen on this at all and asked Mother not to have the dog at her house during my visit. I have neighbours with nasty pit bulls. I know my mother would eventually wear me down and it is her house/her rules...so I agreed. Is it total consent? Not really because my mother is used to having her way regardless what anyone thinks.

Moon is very quiet. The problem is the dog pees in the house. Her other dogs have done so which means more marking with urination. Yet, where is Mother right now? BACK at the shelter to foster this ****** for the night. This has brought up old issues and resentments. Had I just urinated on the carpet as a child, I would have had the hell smacked out of me and my mother would have used that as an excuse to see me less as a child. I lived at this mean sitter's house from age 5 - 12.

My mother's boyfriend at that time got one of the first answering machines. I did not break the thing but I was accused. The sitter told Mother how Bill, the then-boyfriend, should be able to spank me to "make me mind." I was not a perfect child. No one is. But, I was not a bad child. I was well-behaved and only wished I could live at home like other normal kids. Bill did not like children which is why I was not allowed to live at home. Yet, Bill had a cat who got the royal treatment.

I often said how I should have been Mother's dog rather than her daughter while growing up. Mother has this obsession with Moon and said how she would never bring a dangerous animal into the house if I was afraid but she had a boyfriend (after Bill) who was a violent SOB and I was told to cater to him.

I am still appalled at how my mother seems to think it is so great to "foster this poor dog", which urinates on her carpets. Why the ******* obsession? I really want to limit my visits due to this experience. 
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1 Response Apr 27, 2013

I am so sorry. Some people are just plain weird and you should remember that in all aspects of your life, but particularly if you have kids. I'd need therapy for your experience. Mine was similar but without the pet problem and I still do not like dogs AND need therapy. :) At least you notice this behavior is strange, so you're already ahead of the game. :)