I Don't Like Them That Much, It's True

I'm hesitant to say I don't like dogs, because there are some good ones in the world, but I think they're too much of a hassle and a mess to have to deal with. Potty training a child I would be fine with, but putting up with a puppy ruining furniture and floors? Not to mention the chewing, barking, and tufts of hair all over the place? Thanks, but no. And the excitement every time someone outside makes a noise, or every time someone comes home...it's like they forget you're alive and every time it's "OMG BACK FROM THE DEAD -goes insane-". Annoying! Am I alone here? I think they're a pain. Other people's I can deal with, as long as they don't jump on me, but I'm very much not inclined to have one of my own.

Celadin Celadin
22-25, M
3 Responses Aug 19, 2009

Yes the fleas and ticks that you have to deal with. I must say, having a dog has not been a great experience for me. I had a roommate for a year and she had a toy poodle who was not only sick, the dog got fleas and ticks and the entire apartment had to be treated. I must say how unpleasant this experience was. The infestation was horrible especially in the warm climate of Florida where it is so humid and they complex where we lived did not treat the outside areas. Of course these things would jump right on the dog every time you took him outside. <br />
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Her dog was very sick and had allergies, yes dogs suffer form allergies, he would walk back and worth through out the night. Also banging his tail up against the wall. He would be sniffing around my stuff which is another thing i can't stand about them. My roommate had allergies also and she had this dog and a rabbit that was killing her but refuse to give them up. I must say how sad it is when people feel so alone in this world and they have to resort to this even when the situation is not good for their health. She even was homeless for a while because she couldn't find an apartment that would take her dog. She would rather stay in the street then give up her dog. I had to get away from this woman as soon as possible. She had some serious issues. I also felt sorry for her.

I know exactly what you are talking about!<br />
My husband and I just got a puppy, and now i realized I am not a dog person at all! I would rather have a baby right now than this dog,he drives me insane,peeing and pooping everywhere. And to top it off he doesn't even like me, he growls at me too! Taking care of a baby brings joy,but this damn puppy has made me very angry! lol

I don't like pets period because they are as dependent as children and dogs and cats are especially on my do not want list. The fleas, the body functions, the expense, it's just not worth it.