They Freak Me Out!

Ever since I was a little girl I've had an aversion to puppets, mannequins and dolls. I can only assume it is linked to the walking talking doll I got when I was about 3 or 4, and my older sister tormented me with it. The worst dolls are those antique pot dolls with the glass eyes, and I know that comes from watching horror stuff at a young age, which my sister had me watch when she was babysitting me. I know this is where it all started, watching the Hammer Horror films, Armchair thriller and films like Magic with Anthony Hopkins in, not to mention the Twilight Zone. I know little girls are supposed to play with dolls, but not me, I preferred painting and drawing, board games and puzzles, and luckily my parents got me plenty of these instead of dolls.

I remember going to Madame Tussaud's  in London when I was 9, I was OK till I came across the breathing Sleeping Beauty, and a few others that moved, and there my dislike of mannequins began. My puppet phobia came around the same time when a ventriloquist came to school and the puppet  was  the size of a toddler. What made it worse was he came round all the kids to interact, and that was too much for me, so they got added to the list. I think people thought I would grow out of it, even I thought I would, but nope, still have that intense dislike, and then I had a baby girl.

Obviously I didn't want her to grow up having this same thing about dolls and so on, so I tolerated them as best I could, apart from one doll, that was one of those big baby dolls, all moving eyes and realistic features. It was hard not to be repelled when she had it near me, but luckily she much preferred to play by herself with it. Now she's older she finds it quite funny that I'm like this, so I'm so glad she never picked up my revulsion for these things. What is weird though, I feel the same horrible shiver when I see them in magazines or on the TV, I know it's obviously a phobia, that's just built up over the years, but I'm now 41 and just take it as part and parcel of who I am.


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Interesting! I remember when I got divorced and built my house. I wanted to get mannequins and place them in different places around the house......boy was I weird or what? I got over it....

i hate clowns too there evil looking who had the idea they where funny in the first place grrrrrr <br />
and puppets lol puppet master anyone the movie my aunt got me a large clown doll with a porcelain head i hated it and feared it in equal measure i used to throw that darned thing to the very back of my closet and every night lay under my blanket terrified it would get me i once woke up and it was on a chair next to my bed boy did i scream so loud my mom came running in whats wrong i babbled about how the clown was in the closet now it was on the chair it was after me she looked at me and said i put it on the chair now go to sleep i made her give i away the next day kind of glad it was my mum and not a demonic clown but i still hate them :[

This is fairly familiar to me. When I was a kid I had a terrible fear of robots. There was a greasy old car axle laying near where we were staying when my dad was working on a road crew. I used to walk way around that thing. I also had a little wind up toy soldier that the top came off of exposing the spring and gear box I was terrified of that thing just a pair of legs with this horrible mess of gears sticking up a horrible mutilated unfeeling android to be feared. When I was in my 30's I worked in factory that packed food and their were two robots behind chain link cages so no one would be near them when they started up I could feel the old fear creep back when those things started moving by themselves hydrolic lines ******* , how fast they were so inhuman and precise. I've gotten over it quite a bit but It's still there, lousy phobia to have if you live in the 21st century.