No Drunks

Known to many of them. Had a friend killed because he was one.

Arorin Arorin
22-25, M
8 Responses Apr 3, 2010

That it is..

Sorry about your loss I too lost a friend because a drunk driver,I also had one crash into the back of my semi trailer and I dont know if she ya I hate drunks too they kill innocent people and way too often go unhurt themselves unfair in book,but thats life right very unfair.

I wouldn't touch a cig either, but i don't see the harm in going to a bar with a friend for a drink. Lots of things to do for fun and what not, but like i said control is where it is at. If you can control yourself in any vice you are doing okay.

Yea but why even start? I could spend the money in places where I'd get more enjoyment out of such as towards audio equipment or whatever.... but I mean if I go to the bar with friends I'd have maybe a drink or two but I wouldn't ever go to a party where there was heavy drinking or anything... but I would never touch a cigarette.

Then just don't over do it. Control is a great thing.

This is a reason I will never drink or smoke. Bad things happen when people over do it.

No need to be sorry its life.

sorry *hugs* hence why I don't drink much..