What Kind Of Person?

What kind of person uses hate so casually as these "hate" groups. I am in some but only about depression. But these groups? "I hate my sister" " I hate my kids" ???? That is just despicable. Now i am going to tell you to reconsider clicking "Join Group"
Hate is a terrible thing.
It ruins families,

Hate is a contamination,
A virus.
It may start as something as small as a passive-aggressive comment, and because it is human nature to be violent instead of talk about it,
Because of today's "An Eye for an Eye" attitude, it only grows.
Unlike matter it can be destroyed, only it would require the minimal amount of maturity effort and consolation through understanding.
Yet people, and i use that word lightly, "people" decide it is better to instead of just using the inconsequential, immeasurably, slightest of effort and sagacity and breathe to even try to understand or deal with one another, that it is better to just connive a contrivance to return the hate. Usually only increasing the damage dealt and making more of an effort than just ignoring it.
Nonetheless that is just the anthropological reputation and penchant to hate and war upon one another.

But these groups?
Its just pathetic.

They are mostly very young kids, which i do not direct to harangue at those too unlearned to know much better.
I feel it is so sad.
That these kids, well anyone in these groups would ever stoop to the intellectual level of finger-painting, if that.
I wish only these people consider what they say and mean before they say it.
The word is indicative of such a level of contempt and utterly immense and immeasurable amounts of malice and sheer repugnance against something.
Yet these people brandish such a potent, vigorous venom of a denotation as if it were nothing but the nugatory, hollow, feckless word.
It is a meaning, it is a deadly thing, one that is hard to even envisage in the form of interpretable language.
My family has done so many things.
My mother has stood over me in the morning with a knife, nearly killed me a few times, still spurns any notion of importance about me, including the fact that i am depressed.
She nullifies even the thought of my depression despite the doctor prescription and she rebuffs and repudiates that it is but the cat attacking me and that the crimson trademark of despondency, could not even exist upon me.
Through all of this and more i could not begin to conceive even into thoughts before words, And i could never Hate her.

So please check what they did to you. Ask why they did. Try to understand. Before you click that button.

TaintedSoul TaintedSoul
18-21, M
Dec 5, 2012