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Very Uncomfortable

Growing up we never ate together, we would eat at different time in areas of the house. The only time we would eat together is if we ate a restaurant or we had a party of some kind. My sister the hater would always have something to say to me when we would alll eat together, "Eat with your mouth closed! Quit making so much noise!" I always thought I was eating with my mouth closed but guess not. Than again my sister always feel the need to yell at me about something. And my uncle didn't make it any better, he would make me very nervous, he wanted us to eat properly and use the silverware correctly and if we didn't he would give me the dirtiest look that would make me lose my appetite.
In school or other places when I would eat with people other than family I would always eat with one hand sort of covering my mouth. Soon people would notice and ask me why I was doing that. I would tell them & they would always say "You're fine, you don't chew with your mouth open, it's okay just relax."
I know certain people in my family like giving me hard time but it's really unnecessary. It just makes me more anti-social and more self-concious about myself when in reality there is nothing wrong with me.
I don't cover my mouth anymore but I still feel a bit awkward eating in front of people but I think I just need more time to get more comfortable.
babydoll73 babydoll73 22-25, F 2 Responses Mar 27, 2012

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I can relate just a little bit. I have a full beard, people are constantly trying to figure out where my mouth hole is, not to mention why would anyone grow a beard in the first place. Often people with stare, often with their mouths gaping, staring directly where my mouth should be. Often I take my little stick and shoo them away.

I like to call it 'with ... we don' eat in front of other people, we eat WITH other people. Comfort & ease are a product of time. You'll get there - be yourself.