People Judge Me!

I hate eating in front of people because they verbally judge me.  I am underweight and everyone assumes I am anorexic.

People at work are terrible with my weight and what I eat. They keep track of what I eat at work and comment on what I am eating and how much I am eating every single day.  When we have cake for someone's birthday, they ALWAYS give me a HUGE piece and insist I eat it all.  They treat me like a child and give me compliments when I finish what I am eating.  If we order pizza, I hear, "You better eat at least two/three/four pieces.  Honestly, it's none of their concern!  I am NOT anorexic and I eat when I am hungry!

When I go out to eat and don't finish my meal, sometimes the staff comments to me about my weight, especially other women.  It drives me crazy.  Yes, I would like a box and NO, I do not need your opinion on how little I ate.  At times, they assume that I didn't like the food and ask me over and over again, "Are you sure you liked your meal?  Can I bring you something else?"

The whole thing drives me crazy.  I simply do not like to eat in front of others.

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Ugh, I cannot stand when people have to judge your eating habits. I eat alot, but everyone thinks im really thin. I used to be bulimic, and now I have had children so I just eat whatever. But my mother always tells me I need to eat more (also I am hypoglycemic, so I lose weight quick) . My mother in law however tells me she's watching my weight. And has commented on many things I have eaten.<br />
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I am starting to get to the point where I do not care. Some people hate me cause im thin, some hate me because I eat. I cannot help where my metabolism is at. It is what it is. Im healthy and thats all that should matter.<br />
I hope it starts to really just roll off your back too. Their being rude, and seriously should back off.

I agree, I hate being told what I should or need to do by people that don't even know me. I am sorry you have to deal with this, right now I am trying to lose some weight and people will comment or make fun of me for not eating like THEY think I should, or worse yet they will tell me I am being rude for not eating enough. Why do people need to be so nosy?

If your avatar picture is really you, you are NOT underweight! You are a beautiful young lady. The people who are treating you this way are NOT your friends; they are a bunch of overbearing busybodies who are probably jealous of you. I hope you can figure out some way to stand up the them. It's not about selfishness or rudeness; it's about self respect. I didn't mean to sound angry; I just don't like to see a smart, self aware, articulate woman like you treated like a child or an idiot. You are doing the right thing to eat intuitively. If at all possible, limit your contact with these toxic people. Take care.

I used to be like this but no one ever knew.<br />
Ididn't like my job or many of the people I worked with and think this was part of the problem. <br />
Find real friends and you will feel more comfortable and it will help.

I don't either, though for the opposite problem. I'm not exactly thin. Compete strangers decide they want to be my nutritionist and lecture me on what I should and shouldn't eat and how much. <br />
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I usually say something to the effect of oh, are you a professional nutritionist? They say no and I say Oh, are you a preacher? They say no and then I say well you seem to act like you know what your talking about. I mean you don't even know me and you've decided how I should live my life. Then they something to the effect of oh, I watched some TV show about it or I just have your best interest at heart. Really? I don't think so. I just think they like bossing people around.