Can't Eat In Front of People

I have no idea why :S

The only people I can eat in front of are my family.

Even with friends I can't eat in front of them. If I do it takes about an hour to chew a single bite...I feel really self conscious, especially if I'm sat across from them and they could watch me if they felt like it. Not that they would, but you know..


It's a bit **** cause I spent much of my school days dizzy and sick through lack off food cause I wouldn't eat all day.

Stupid I guess. I wish I knew why it was such a problem for me :S

temporaryhappiness temporaryhappiness
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3 Responses Sep 23, 2009

i'm the same to, i will stay at my boyfriends for a week and not eat that whole week because i am so self conscious in everything i do. i will go to school and not eat and i feel the exact same. and because i dont eat i faint a lot. but when i'm at home i eat a lot but when i'm out i can't eat a thing. i weigh 48 i always think i'm fat but deep down i know i cant go any skinner even though i really want to. i had an arguement with my family about it yesterday they aren't happay with me not eating but they don't understand because it is a terrible unexplained feeling that noone can understand untill they experience it and thats why i am researching on how i can help myself.<br />
But it has made me feel a bit better in myself know that i'm not the only one who feels this way.

I am this way too. i actually when i was in school sometimes everything would jsut go black. i wouldnt pass out but i could have my eyes open and not be able to see a thing and it would only last a few seconds but it got scary specially if you were walking in the hall with a ton of people around.

lol im the excat same way.. Even now that im pregnant its still hard