Let Me Be More Specific...

I use the term, 'existentialism', in reference to the tendency to always question life, and our place in it. I usually find that - when dwelt upon - this leads to tragic depression and a life void of joy. I dated a man for nearly a year who was (is), in my eyes, in a constant existential crisis.

I think that free thinking and wondering about the universe and our individual place in it is great... helps us to understand ourselves... however, when oneĀ obsesses, they forget that life can be great, and that they are full of potential to enjoy it. Said boyfriend was so depression and anxiety ridden, SO self-involved, always worrying worrying about, "Why am I here? What's it all for?"... kept him from enjoying... well... damn near ANYTHING. His existential depression and anxieties were hurtful at worst, and terribly BORING at best.

"Why are we here? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN??"
...Forget about it. Just enjoy life, seriously... so that when you're old you don't have to have that epiphany that tells you that you actually COULD HAVE enjoyed life, if you weren't so bogged down by existential thoughts and fears.
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2 Responses Sep 14, 2012

As an existentialist, I do agree with what you said :) I started thinking about life after I was horrified by the idea of death, and the idea of 'empathy seems to bud from suffering' drags me into all the dark sides of world, because I wanted to find the good from bad. It is unhealthy you are right. It is some philosophers' job to find out more, or some kind of personal interest, it's okay to hate it i think :p

Speaking from a christian viewpoint, to worry less is to have faith that god is taking me were I am supposed to go. I'm not sure if I agree with not thinking about it at all. But then again I think what you mean is that too much of it is poison.

I like this, it really makes me think.

Thank you, Redstrings.