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is there anybody who does?

NaomiZero NaomiZero 26-30, F 4 Responses Apr 28, 2009

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I've no idea what jeremyah's second sentence is meant to mean, apart perhaps from admitting never having visited Europe....

Of those options, I do know electrolysis is permanent.

No-one does, as far as I know, but I do sympathise with women unable to help it. One of my past girlfriends had ovarian cysts, whose effects include a distressing tendency to grow hair on legs, body and face. The condition, and other difficulties, wrecked her self-confidence.

I became accustomed to it, but it took some self-control for me when we first became that intimate, to make love to a woman nearly as hairy in places as me. I should add it was NOT the medical condition that led to our eventual separation.

most women who have facial hair, shave it/wax it or get electrolysis.... <br />
<br />
i'm guessing some euro babes might let it grow... i dont know. a little nipple hair sounds hawt!<br />
<br />

prefer women's faces to be hairy. i'm pretty sure that most women who have facial hair don't prefer it themselves.

does what?