It is so very cruel. Often people who see psychics are at a vunerable point in their lives and are looking for some kind of guidance - these con men/women are the lowest of the low! Taking advantage of people when they are more often than not at a very low point in their lives is disgusting, the things some people do just to make a bit of money is outrageous!! They can often ruin lives too as people get addicted to seeing them and use their psychics to make most decisions for them believing they know what is best for them, they should be locked up!

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I believe that there are some genuine psychics out there, but lots of fakes and some of them certainly are cruel.

Recently read an article about a psychic who was advising how to avoid fakes. The article ended with the psychic directing you to her own "genuine" site. I'd been a bit troubled and desperate for some advice, so I fell for it.

The reading was actually okay and seemed quite sympathetically written, but in retrospect wasquite general and I realised later that I had given some info about myself away. The nasty bit though was that after the reading, I was strongly encouraged to ask questions. I confided in the psychic, but thank goodness didn't give anything too personal away about myself because when I got the reply back I knew I'd been conned and felt quite sick and vulnerable. Things could have been a lot worse.

After she'd asked for questions and I'd sent one, the psychic sent me a reply straight back which started Ha, ha, ha, ha, with the tone of the e-mail being unsympathetic, uncaring and a bit malicious. The whole tone was nothing like the first reading and it felt like this person had encouraged me to share things with her and drawn me in, only to delight in sending a slightly spiteful reply.

I've also had a telephone reading where the person was getting so personal and asking so many questions that I said politely that I was going to need to finish the call. She was desperate to continue speaking with me and she kept saying no, no, wait, wait, I just need to tell you .... By this time though I really couldn't continue and had to close the phone. She then phoned me back and then text me to make her point after I'd ended that call too. She'd been busy telling me during the call how she'd been making home visits that day and it actually made me feel a bit sick that this woman was out in society preying on vulnerable people Maybe she genuinely thought she was helping. She wasn't and the whole experience traumatised me so much I ended up seeing a counsellor about it.

I have had a couple of good readings in the past, but hopefully this had made me more aware about being careful with psychics. If you can, you are better going to someone who has been recommended to you.

I know of a Fake Psychic in Castle Rock, Colorado by the name of Ann Osborn or as she refers to her self as "Reverent Ann" but let me tell you... she's not reverent at all! She's a fake!

She has no psychic ability at all! I'm a family member of hers and I know for a fact that she does fraudulent dealings and fake readings just to make money.

Stay away from her and don't waste your money.

John Osborn