What Else Can You Call It?

Someone who sits around and dosen't work and mooches off their family and steals all their moms hard earned money to do nothing all day and contribute **** to society.

A worthless, lazy, opportunist bumb who takes advantage of people and thinks they should get everything on a silver platter without earning it. If he has a girlfriend, he probably sits at home all day without a job and mooches money and things off her with the excuse, “I’ll pay you back later, baby, when things improve.” She keeps giving him more money because she is nieve, has low self-esteem and too spineless to stand up to him and kick him out. On the other hand, if the freeloader is a female she is probably a spoiled, stuck-up b***h who lives at home and gets money from mommy and daddy while sitting on the can all day eating Bon Bons and watching soaps.

One who takes advantage of ones generosity and trys to suck as much as possible from them. A freeloader will often times live with someone, eat their food, drive their car, and not pay rent. Will make not attempt living on thier own as they claim they will "do it later" or are "tired". Must be forcefully removed to get rid of them. They never have a job as they quit due to laziness.

Someone who leeches off others while contributing virtually nothing in return. Usually they are unemployed and/or extremely lazy. They are generally easy to identify from the general public due to their constant requests to borrow other people's money, get rides, or even coming to restaurants with a group, then ordering food and never paying for themselves, etc.

Someone who sleeps on your couch for 3 months then never pays rent and refuses back rent. Eats your and your room mates food. They take advantage of the kindness of others and turns things against everyone. Often heard with 'then some **** went down and they kicked me out' while trying to feign some kind of bullshit innocence.

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2 Responses Sep 14, 2012

OMG that's this guy we have staying with us now. We offered him ONE week! It's been FOUR and he does NOTHING to better his situation though we even provided a vehicle for him to go and demand his Social Security check from!!

That's my brother in law in a nutshell. He came to stay with us for two weeks........ 2 years and 9 months ago. :(

I hate him.