Please Don't Waste My Time With Trivial Crap


Some people call them brain exercises. That is probably true for the vast majority of people that play certain games.

  But for me; I have so many things to work out that it's just an exhaustive waste of time for me.

  There are so many real things that I have to deal with the games just blow my mind more than exercise it.  I'm already exhausted in the first place so games just are kind of painful actually. 


  Same thing with sports my body gets exhausted also. I have had enough physical work to do now at this point in my life my back is in so much pain playing sport’s is somewhat trivial and quite painful.

  Watching sports is extremely uninteresting to me. 

 urban lifestyle:

  The urban lifestyle downright terrorizes me sometimes!

  I am way out of place in an urban setting.

  I'd rather be in the desert or the mountains anytime except maybe the dead of winter where it's really cold, wet, slogish, potentially life-threatening and painful to my arthritis. I would only escape from the devastating cold to an urban area out of absolute necessity for self preservation purposes.  Then immediately escape whenever the weather is warm enough that I can actually get away to a rural area that is warm enough for me.

odballamericanman odballamericanman
Mar 24, 2009